The architect behind Shop Sixty Five, Linda LaRosa, established the business in Doylestown in 2003.  How exactly did the former fashion editor and celebrity stylist bring forth Philadelphia’s premier boutique?  She credits a former yoga teacher of hers, who suggested she assemble a collection of all that she had learned while traveling and working as a stylist and bring it to her hometown.

     Linda references Brigitte Bardot as her style icon, whose innovative and eclectic 70’s style is still emulated today.  When describing her personal style she says, “Like Carrie on Sex and the City, I have different looks for different days and moods. You can see me one day looking like Deborah Harry from Blondie and the next day trying to channel Kate Hudson.”  

     Some of Linda’s favorite designers include Chloe, Gucci, Haute Hippie, and Alexander McQueen.  The essentials of Linda’s chic wardrobe include "leathers, great black leggings, graphic tees, cutoffs, and Isabel Marant boots."  Just like her style inspiration Brigitte Bardot, Linda has a broad range of signature looks, made up of edgy leather pieces, classic and elegant cocktail dresses, basic tees, and polished blazers.  Some of her favorite pieces at Shop Sixty Five are IRO's Noemi leather jacket with shearling trim and Haute Hippie's velvet Bond blazer. 

     Aside from being her brainchild, Linda says her favorite parts of Shop Sixty Five are "meeting new people, and making everyone feel like this is a good place for them to shop, regardless of age or status."  The wide range of styles and designers have played a huge part in Linda's vision of making Shop Sixty Five a place for every woman. 

Posted on November 29, 2016 .