Ariel has been with Shop Sixty Five since 2013, when the store was located in Doylestown.  She has grown with the store, working at the shop in Gladwyne and now our location in Center City Philadelphia.

      Ariel describes her look as “effortless and laid back,” mentioning Sienna Miller as her fashion icon.  She takes ideas from all different sources of inspiration, saying “I don’t think I have one word for my style.”  She puts together outfits by adding bohemian and preppy pieces to her effortless basics, creating a new and eclectic look each day.

     Ariel’s favorite designer at Shop Sixty Five is Elizabeth & James.  She says “My favorite piece from them is the Finnegan dress. I love how girly they can be but also how it comes across as effortless, timeless and chic.”   Whether it’s a leather, denim, blazer or cargo, the staple piece in Ariel’s wardrobe is a good jacket.  “Regardless of what it is I think it can instantly elevate a look... I have different jackets for whichever mood I am in that day. Most likely, it’s my Rebecca Taylor floral print leather jacket.”

     What Ariel loves the most about Shop Sixty Five is that everyone can find something here.  “We have pieces for the working woman, a big event that you need a cocktail dress for, or you’re a young adult and want to add some cool pieces to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Whichever category you fall into, we have something for you and that’s what I like about Shop Sixty Five.  Everyone can shop here and feel welcomed.”  At Shop Sixty Five, the variety in styles and designers is truly a unique collection, just like Ariel’s personal style. 


Posted on November 29, 2016 .


     The architect behind Shop Sixty Five, Linda LaRosa, established the business in Doylestown in 2003.  How exactly did the former fashion editor and celebrity stylist bring forth Philadelphia’s premier boutique?  She credits a former yoga teacher of hers, who suggested she assemble a collection of all that she had learned while traveling and working as a stylist and bring it to her hometown.

     Linda references Brigitte Bardot as her style icon, whose innovative and eclectic 70’s style is still emulated today.  When describing her personal style she says, “Like Carrie on Sex and the City, I have different looks for different days and moods. You can see me one day looking like Deborah Harry from Blondie and the next day trying to channel Kate Hudson.”  

     Some of Linda’s favorite designers include Chloe, Gucci, Haute Hippie, and Alexander McQueen.  The essentials of Linda’s chic wardrobe include "leathers, great black leggings, graphic tees, cutoffs, and Isabel Marant boots."  Just like her style inspiration Brigitte Bardot, Linda has a broad range of signature looks, made up of edgy leather pieces, classic and elegant cocktail dresses, basic tees, and polished blazers.  Some of her favorite pieces at Shop Sixty Five are IRO's Noemi leather jacket with shearling trim and Haute Hippie's velvet Bond blazer. 

     Aside from being her brainchild, Linda says her favorite parts of Shop Sixty Five are "meeting new people, and making everyone feel like this is a good place for them to shop, regardless of age or status."  The wide range of styles and designers have played a huge part in Linda's vision of making Shop Sixty Five a place for every woman. 

Posted on November 29, 2016 .


Jenny is the newest addition to the Shop Sixty Five styling team. She has been working with us since November of 2016.

Jenny describes her style as classic & preppy with a punky edge (Ariel, our other stylist, calls it "preppery" - preppy and peppery). Her fashion icons are Kate Middleton, Rihanna, Karlie Kloss, and Emma Watson, and her fallback fashion formula is "skinny jeans, a pair of pointed flats, and a clean blouse or flirty top. It always ensures a balanced silhouette and is the perfect base to let any statement pieces shine through."

Her absolute wardrobe essentials are a pop of vibrant color on the lip and the perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans that you can always rely on - Jenny loves our ankle skinny jeans from Seven For All Mankind. Her other favorite pieces in the store at the moment are our Michelle Mason cocktail dresses and gowns, our laid-back sexy-cool tops from n:philanthropy, and our jewelry pieces from Erickson Beamon and Jennybird.



Posted on November 29, 2016 .


     Danni began working with Shop Sixty Five at the Doylestown location in 2013, and has come with us to our new store in Rittenhouse. 

     Danni explains her style as being "classic with an edge" saying, "I love classic pieces but I like to add something trendy and fun to a classic outfit whether it be a cool, funky pair of sunglasses or a fun choker to add a little edge to an otherwise simple outfit." 

     The essential pieces in Danni's wardrobe are her Helmet Lang blazer, IRO booties, Nicole Miller blouses, and Rag + Bone Jeans.  She uses these distinct staples as a canvas for the edgy accessories that she wears.  Her favorite items currently at Shop Sixty Five are the new Superfine jeans, the Reese + Riley Vixen blazer, and the gorgeous Grenn Pilot fur pieces.  

     Danni's favorite part about Shop Sixty Five is the unique blend of designers and styles.  She says, "I love how Linda brings in so many unique and funky pieces but still manages to have the classic staples that everyone needs in their wardrobe...I also love our jewelry selection.  It ranges from small antique pieces to big, bold statement pieces.  We have something to go with any outfit." 

     Shop Sixty Five is the perfect place to shop for anyone like Danni, who loves her classic essentials fused with some fun, edgy pieces.  Our wide selection of styles ranges from business, to cocktail, to edgy casual pieces, making it the perfect place to shop for any occasion.   

Posted on November 29, 2016 .