ALEXIS is a brand created for the modern woman. It was developed in 2008 by mother-daughter duo, Ana and Alexis Barbara. Their romantic and feminine designs can be found in more than 250 boutiques and luxury department stores worldwide.



Best friends, Barbara Baccora and Sharon Krief developed their brand in 2003. They merged Barbara’s bohemian style with Sharon’s modern rock & roll style to create their own label. They want their brand to inspire confident femininity.

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Brodie Cashmere

Luxury cashmere that is designed in England and produced in Mongolia. This brand aims to be both animal and environmentally friendly throughout their production process. They use 100% sustainable sources in Mongolia.

Burning Torch

Found by Karyn Craven in 1999, and based in Los Angeles, California. The company’s logo uses a hand holding a torch to symbolize the designers values of transformation and freedom. She takes her inspiration for colors from nature and patterns from culture.

Cami NYC

Samantha Steen created Cami NYC because she could never find a classic silk camisole. She designs camisoles in many different colors, style, and patterns. She believes that the silk camisole is a staple piece in a woman’s wardrobe. She strives to design pieces for every occasion.

Chelsea and Walker

Creative director, Jackie Yang, says that the Chelsea and Walker woman is one that does not follow the norm. She embraces both her femininity and masculinity. The brand believes in finding a balance between the expected and unexpected. They refuse to define their brand since the brand is forever evolving.


Developed in 2008, Current/Elliot wants to evolve the way fashion sees the denim industry. The brand embraces the history of denim and uses that history to create timeless pieces for the future. Known as innovators of the boyfriend jean.

Fleur Du Mal

Jennifer Zuccarini developed Fleur Du Mal in 2012 to help change the way woman look at lingerie. She now includes apparel and swim-wear. The brand embraces the notion of desire and artful provocation. They mix sensuality with femininity to create their stylish collections.


Starting in 2012 as a denim brand, Frame has now evolved to a fashion house, producing 4 collections a year. Manufactured in Los Angeles with an European aesthetic. Now a global brand with headquarters in both London and Los Angeles.

Giorgio Brato

Giorgio Braschi decided to incorporate his love for fashion into his love for leather goods in 2001. All of his garments are unique and produced in Italy. He designs jackets, bags, and shoes each with their own look and feel. He studied techniques in craftsmanship in order to make special and unique items for his label.

Grenn Pilot

Created in 2017 by Karen Levitt. Grenn Pilot only uses 100% sheepskin, cowhide, leather, or suede. All products are by-products of the food industry and come from exclusively sustainable sources. The brand promises to introduce high quality outerwear with a bohemian flair to the fashion industry.

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang began his design career when he opened his first studio in 1977. He began to specialize in avant-garde fashion in the 1980’s. He had a minimalist take on avant-garde fashion. His label is known as having a pure urban style.


Inhabit is a purely knit brand that was created in 2003. It ranges from luxury cashmere to soft cotton. The pieces are meant to be styled by layering. The brand wants to emphasize sophistication and elegance.


Created in 2009, June Swimwear aims to design the perfect bikini for the traveling woman. The brand aims to make a bikini that is always comfortable and always making the consumer look and feel good. They believe that a good bikini gives a girl freedom.

Lauren Moshi

Lauren Moshi is designed by Micheal and Lauren, who are a brother and sister duo. Each piece is hand drawn by Lauren and produced in limited quantities. They believe in using the highest qualities of fabric that provide the most comfort for their customers.

Le Superbe

A southern California fashion brand that is inspired by California’s laid-back demeanor. Their looks take their customer from the beach to a night on the town. The clothes are very trendy and stylish with beach inspired designs.

Mes Desmoiselle

Mes Desmoiselle is a Paris fashion house with a bohemian style. Inspired by the Paris fashion designer’s handmade tradition and the nature of Earth.. The fashion house believes in quality within their designs.

Michelle Mason

Michelle Mason is known for their elegant designs and silhouettes. She embraces femininity in most of her designs with bold metallics and soft pastels. Michelle Mason developed her brand in 2002 after retiring from her modeling career.


After working for famous designers such as, Hermés and Louis Vutton, designer Michelle Smith decided to create Milly. Her style is a combination of American sportswear influences and distinctive Parisian atelier techniques.

n: Philanthropy

“Fashion That Gives a Damn” is there motto. They follow through with their motto by donating 10% of their proceeds to Children’s Hospital LA, the ASPCA, SPCALA, and local animal charities. Their style is very relaxed loungewear with distressing, destruction, and cutout details. They add an edgy perspective to everyday lounge clothing.

Nation LTD

Founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, Nation LTD is all about comfort. Their style is about reinventing the basics in a women’s wardrobe to add a more feminine and classic touch. The brand embraces the laid back relaxed style of Los Angeles.

Pam & Gela

Pam & Gela are both designers and friends that merge their two different styles into one. Pam is inspired by nature and rainbows, While Gela is inspired by Hollywood and rock and roll. Their merge creates a brand thats full of feminine edge.


A family owned brand created by husband and wife duo Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini in the late 80’s. Now run by their daughters Cecilia and Caterina, the brand aims to please the strong, sexy, and independent woman. Their style is eclectic, original, and feminine.

R&R Surplus

Created and run by Steve and Andi Rosenstein. Steve designs all women’s merchandise, while their son designs most of the men’s merchandise. Their style is based on simplicity and comfort. They are an athleisure brand based in Pheonix, Arizona. Their silhouttes and designs are very relaxed and can be worn whether working out or going out.

Rag & Bone

Created in New York during 2002, Rag & Bone is inspired by the merge of British heritage and modern design. They are known for their sophisticated and simple designs. The brand believes in clean silhouettes and high quality.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is inspired by the time she spent living in New Zealand, London, and Paris. She loves the landscape of New Zealand and finds inspiration in the feminine chic styles of London and Paris. Her looks are romantic and sophisticated. She designs pieces to be worn for every occasion.


Inspired by the dance floors of the funk and rock and roll era. They use draping and skin-baring techniques to reimagine their favorite era. The designers, Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin, travel the world to find inspiration from their favorite pieces at different vintage markets.

Ronny Kobo

The designer, Ronny Kobo was born in Tel Aviv and find inspiration in her worldly travels. She designs with an individual and romantic style. Her pieces are glamorous and can be seen on many celebrities. She is known for her exotic prints and flattering silhouettes.


Rta, Road to Awe, believes in using clothing as a form of expression. Their style is edgy and rebellious. They strive to promote individuality. They see their customer as ‘the rebel that sets trends’,


Also known as Threads of PRVLG. Their name represents the freedom of creativity self-expression. They create cashmere essentials that translate into elevated streetwear. They focus on the primary colors and try to incorporate trendy patterns like varsity statement patterns and checkerboard.

7 For All Mankind

Developed in Los Angeles during 2000, 7 For All Mankind created the first premium denim brand. The brand is known for its unique finishes and styles in denim. Their jeans can be seen on a variety if celebrities. They sell mainly denim but they are branching into sportswear, menswear, children, footwear, and accessories.


Founded by Lyndsey Butler in 2008 in an attempt to create the perfect leather jacket. Their leather jacket is an elegant piece that protects against the surrounding environment. The brand wants to create the perfect fit with high quality materials.