Brace Urself

Brace Urself is a mother-daughter owned company that designs handmade jewelry. Each piece of jewelry contains beads and jewels from around the world, while also including a purple bead for Alzheimer’s awareness. The owners donate a portion of their profits to find the cure for Alzheimer’s every year.


Daniela Lehavi Handbags

Daniela Lehavi is a brand that is designed and produced in Israel. She sells handbags, accessories, and shoes. Her brand has become well admired worldwide. Her company believes in using each season to tell a story with their materials, colors, and themes.


Erickson Beamon

Karen and Eric Erickson launched this brand and developed it into the brand that would later be credited with creating the chandelier earring. Their designs have be recognized and admired by Vogue, Zac Posen, Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, and more. Their designs have been recognized as a part of history at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.



Losselliani is a company founded in Rome. They are known for incorporating Roman tradition and Roman art into their jewelry. The brand loves mixing unconventional materials and creating pieces that are sophisticated and unique. They pride themselves on the craftsmanship for each piece of jewelry they create.

Lotasi Jewels

Lotasi jewels are all semi precious and precious stones and metals. Each piece is unique and hand-designed. The owner and designer Carla Eichler finds inspiration from the Middle East, India, and Africa.A portion of their sales is donated to Maasai secondary girl’s education in Kenya along with other local charities.